July 03, 2015

Yellow can bring sickness in our home

Yellow is the color of the sun, bright and shining, but behind this color i would like to share our experiences using this color, in our home. Yellow means, jealousy, anger, quarrel, for me it is not a good sign when using in our home, such as yellow curtain, yellow paint. 

Everytime, my family hanging a yellow curtain, sickness started, problem in money arising, quarrel and argument started in  the family. My former officemate loves yellow color so much, her house is full of yellow, illnesses never stop, her husband died.

I saw a true story movie, haunted house, the family lived there before, i noticed their curtain and paint color was yellow, when their bodies found, the bedsheet, and curtains color yellow.

Do you believe, or do you notice using this color in your home.

1 comment:

Honey Tan @ www.ihearthoneytan.com said...

I don't believe in this. I don't add meaning to colors it destroys it's purity of being beautiful.