Filipino Supertitions on Wedding

Pamahiin sa Kasal - hbeautytips8

The Filipino supertious beliefs on a wedding, o mga paniniwala, pamahiin sa mga ikakasal, my mother always said that we have to follow the rules in a wedding ceremony, to have a harmonious and everlasting love in a relationship between husband and wife.
Ang una ay ang pagsuot ng asul o blue anything motiff man o undergarments.
Something blue, forever be true, everlasting love.
Something new for new beginnings
Something old, for friendship, family relationship
Something borrow, from friends or family.

Aside from that, blue are the most motiff of those who want to achieve love and happiness in life. Yellow means jealousy, hatred, war, death, illnesses, green is the color of fairy, they might get angry if you use it.

Be careful on the veil, not to drop, the cord, make sure to pin it tight.
It means death, if the veil, cord drop accidentally. So to make sure na nakakapit ito ay gumagamit kami ng perdible not only hairpin but safety pin, para hindi mahulog sa balikat o buhok.
I saw the wedding of my officemate, and her husband dropped the cord
between his husband, after one year her husband died because of basketball.

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