Candle Magic

Candle Magic - by lighting a candle your wish will be granted, the most powerful is the pyramid cone candle, but you can use the ordinary candle.

Frist, light yellow and red candle when your asking for money, wealth, jobs, employment, the red is the most powerful color in a candle, the color of angel Michael, (red).
Yellow is the color of angel Auriel,.

Light white and blue candle, if you ask for peace, unity in a community or family, happiness, communication, love, knowledge, wisdom. Blue is the color of angel Gabriel, white is the color of angel Raphael, the angel of peace and healing.

The four angels that really close to God. May isang tao na nagsabi na palagi magulo sa house nila at laging nag aaway away, kaya pinayuhan namin na magsindi ng blue candle,
almost everyday, tapos naging mabuti na at wala ng gulo.

Bantayan ang candle, huwag iiwan nakasindi if aalis. You can pray rosary if you are a catholic, just light 5 mins 3x a day. sprinkle some cinnamon in the candle.

When asking for employment burn some incense, cinnamon, or light bayberry candle, to attract money, basil, thyme, rosemary (peace ).
By using candle with herbs can stop chaos, get rid of evil spirit, and poverty.

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