Perpetual help

Mother of Perpetual help in Baclaran, today is wednesday, it means Baclaran day, marami na naman tao ang nagsisimba to attend novena.

I remember when one of my colleagues in my workplace before i always saw them attending in baclaran to attend novena, they told me that everytime their contract end they pray in the church to Mother of Peroetual help and their work continuous or even promoted, became regular employee.
So i tried it also started from that day, even though crowded in the church i'll make sure that i'm in the front. i also drop my written petition paper to grant my wish in the petition box near beside of the door, light also candles for more powerful effects.

My wishes granted to find me an employment that i really want, at kasundo mga officemates. one of my friend told that she's not capable of giving birth (baog) after our 9 consecutive wednesdays, became pregnant, a big girl now.

You can ask, for jobs, business, health and work abroad asking for help.
Because She is the mother of God, no son or child can refuse his mother, when we pray.

Thank you Mama Mary for good health to my mom and family.

Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church

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