Glowing Skin facial mask

Effective Facial Mask.
 Papaya and Honey Mask
Papaya and honey Mask - hbeautytips8

Blackstrap Molasses rich in all vitamins in minerals good for the skin, avoids grey hair, diabetes, since it is organic and natural,it is safe, eat 1 teaspoon every morning, afternoon and at night every day, it has natural gluthathione, good for the nerve, muscles. 
Put the molasses on your face for about 1 hour, and then rinse well, skin like a baby, have a healthy skin. 

Banana facial Mask is good for the skin if you want to tighten your skin, rich in potassium, strong bones, and vitamin C. 
Glowing skin with cucumber mask, make a paste and put a mask on your face, good for sagging skin and puffy eyes, have a healthy skin. Flawless skin and prevent wrinkles with 

Papaya Honey mask, rich in vitamin C blend papaya and honey put on your face for 15 mins. and wipe or rinse your face. honey is good for allergies or sensitive skin. Natural face lift with egg white mask, rich in protein and nutrients to brighten your skin. put egg white on your face, you will feel tighten on your skin, wash it, do it once a week to moisturize your skin, use the egg yolk that rich in vitamin A. that's it.. thanks for reading.

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Mikee said...

thanks sa info. maganda yan banana facial mask nakakawala ng wrrinkles