March 18, 2017

Magical Money Herbs

The lucky Herbs and spices that mix in the dishes while cooking, can attract money, wealth, abundance, good health, get rid evil spirits in our home. You can burn the herbs everyday, sprinkle in a candle, green for money and wealth, burn in a charcoal, place in your wallet or money. 7 money herbs together, or add more herbs, such as cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, cloves, allspice, cardamom, bay leaf.
There are lots of herbs that attract money, prosperity, healing, ginger, basil, nutmeg, bayberry, star anise and more. they said that if you want to be lucky they added it in your bath, wash hands while playing lotto or any games of chance.

Write a petition paper, put under the candle mix with 7 money herbs, if your looking for a job or want to draw wealth, business attracts prosperity.

Burn your intention with petition paper ask God, for anything you want, burn the herbs, i usually sprinkle the herbs in our plants especially thyme and cinnamon powder. You can also use green pen for money and jobs, red pen for power, when writing a petition and burn in a charcoal, as an inscense.

Cinnamon -
Bay leaf or laurel, write your wishes in a bay leaf to make your wishes come true. ex: Prosperity. and burn in the candle.
Allspice herbs.
A very powerful and magical for money attraction, wishes and petition.

Rosemary-you can buy in supermarket near spices section. they said that rosemary is a plant that grows in Mama Mary's place. for peaceful home, and be bless.

Thyme but buy dried thyme to burn, sprinkle in yur garden when it grows it will bring money.

Cloves, the flower buds
Basil the holy herbs that uses in all European, and asian cuisine, attracts wealth, money burn as inscense. If you have basil in the house, the unwanted spirits or evil cannot enter in the home. burn and clean the house with water and salt. soak the basil for 3 days, sprinkle the plants or house.
Ginger, or ginger oil i usually rub ginger oil in a candle and then the herbs such as cinnamon powder to attract money in our home, and get rid evil spirits.


Usually i do it everyday, burning herbs or while praying in the altar for my wishes to come true or attract fast luck. you can write your intention in the candle put some money oil like ginger oil, olive oil, almond oil, curve Money or $$ signs your name, sprinkle the herbs in the candle and light.
 gaze and ask what you want recite also the Psalm 23 from the Bible the God's message, Psalm 23 is for luck, attracts money, prosperity, healing and make a wish after you read.

March 12, 2017

Good for the Heart

Hbeautytips8-adobong pusit

Food that good for the heart, avoid stroke and heart attack, squid or pusit is rich in omega 3, an antioxidant, also tomatoes, sayote, fish.

If you eat food that rich in Omega3, don't take vitamins an Omega 3. 
Pwedeng pumili if you want to eat food with Omega 3, or mag vitamins isa lang dapat.
Take vitamin B1, B6, and B12 for blood circulation.

February 13, 2017

Burn relief tips

How to heal the burned skin naturally and easily, even first degree, when Jacob touched the charcoal accidentally, out of his curiosity, i thought that water is the best way pagnapapaso, pero lalo lang nagtutubig. i put his hand in water for a long time but, when out of water he is in so much pain, i also put oil, and then toothpaste and the pain is gone. If the skin burn too much you must apply an oil every minute, to heal fast but not water.
Aloe vera is also great to heal fast the burning skin, apply the gel

The remedies for burning skin