February 13, 2017

Burn in the skin

How to heal the burned skin naturally and easily, even first degree, when Jacob touched the charcoal accidentally, out of his curiosity, i thought that water is the best way pagnapapaso, pero lalo lang nagtutubig. i put his hand in water for a long time but, when out of water he is in so much pain, i also put oil, and then toothpaste and the pain is gone. If the skin burn too much you must apply an oil every minute, to heal fast but not water.
Aloe vera is also great to heal fast the burning skin, apply the gel

The remedies for burning skin

December 27, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

New Year 2017 is coming, i have a ritual before 12 midnight i start burning herbs in a charcoal such as cinnamon powder, incense, basil, thyme, rosemary, all spice to get rid of evil spirits, be healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Also throwing in our backyard of salt and rice, cleaning the house in a water with salt, praying the rosary to have a happy family, peaceful home, wearing red underwear or shirt, polcadots, make sure that i have money or couns in our pockets and wallet.

Every Christmas and New Year, we always cook Biko, glutinous rice, (malagkit) para maging close ang family at happy, my mom cook first the malagkit like an ordinary rice, and then boil the coconut milk (gata ng niyog) with brown sugar, anise, vanilla, add the glutinous rice (malagkit na luto na) stir and serve.

December 06, 2016


Ceragem is from Korea, that can heals alll kinds of illnesses, such as leukemia, diabetes, kidney  failure, body massage, goiter, liver proboem, prostate cancer, breast cancer and many more. 
When my mother told by her doctor that she needs to remove her uterus, she declined because she's too old to undergo surgery, and the doctor told her that even she remove the organ she cannot guarantee if she will survive,  may mga nakita pa siyang ibang sakit na nasa organ.
So, one of my mother close friend recommend Ceragem, that many people healed by using it everyday for an hour, we went to Quiapo near near LRT Sta Cruz Church, tatawid lang at lalakad ng kaunti, i saw a lot of people suffering from alll kinds of diseases, esp. the man in his large neck (goiter)  that eventually from big to small his goiter gone. 

Aside from that a man who had prostate cancer, healed by sitting the ceragem, it's like a hot compress, i saw in TV they treating prostate a hot sit bath, with 3 hot glasses if water, 1 glass of vinegar, but ceragem is also the best and easy way.
Ceragem also is free, you don't have to pay even a single cent, but if you have money you can buy one para hindi na pipila.
I saw also an american woman she said her husband is a doctor, but allow her to treat her breast cancer by using Ceragem.
Since we travel for 3hours the Korean attendee told us that they have Ceragem near in our location, when my mother healed after a month now we bought our own ceragem

Ceragem -hbeautytips8
Pregannt women and those who undergo surgery is not allowed to use ceragem, sa mga naoperahan after 6 months they can treat by ceragem baka kasi bumukas ang sugat pag bago lang.