December 15, 2014

Jade Stone Energy

Jade Healing and attracts Energy - Hbeautytips8

The Jade stone is very powerful gems, it gives us energy, healing, wealth, success, it can cure illnesses, attracts love, I saw it on Korean series that the oldies, they love to wear green Jade gems. My mom has once had a Jade came from her friend's Chinese husband made from China and original gems. but dropped accidentally now it's broken.
My brother when he went in China bought new green Jade, original gems, expensive
but it really helps, it also attracts unity in the family, when you wear it everyday.
My mom uses only when she's sick and when someone is sick within my family.

Jade bracelet -hbeautytips8

My mom also uses Ceragem, Korean creation with Jade gems inside of it, She heals by this, we went in Ongpin Binondo, near in Quiapo front of Sta. Cruz Church, and it's free.
I saw an American (Woman) She has a breast cancer, and his husband is a Doctor, but no remedy in her illness, so she tried it. It works for a lot of people suffering there and also to my mom.
But not recommended for those surgery operation and kids under 1-11.

December 10, 2014

Green Tea

Green Tea
Green Tea benefits
Green Tea
When my brother was in Europe, his Chinese friend gave him a Chinese green tea, in silver packaging, a little bitter taste, just put 1 teaspoon of green tea and boil water, gave it to my mom, his friend said that it's good to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, improve body immunity, slimming,beautiful skin and lots of vitamin benefits. The green tea is very popular in China, they drunk after eating oily foods.

Chinese Green Tea

We used Tea (local) not only to drink but  also for bathing, after cleansing soap
instead rinsing of water, the tea with hot water in a cup, added it in the water
to rinse. My nieces, nephews has fine and fair skin since babies, also my aunt,
she's beautiful skin, because bathing of tea.