January 18, 2016

Skin rash

Skin rash, what I did to remove itching on my skin, pantal pantal sa aking balat,I rub calamansi on my skin, everyday until the rashes gone,i try to drink medicine for allergy, but it's gone only for awhile,calamansi helps and healed my skin, also warm salt water to wash my skin.
My friend ask me how to disappear the skin rash on her daughter, I said try to add calamansi to drop in water while bathing,don't apply directly to babies, their skin is sensitive, but for adult you can rub directly. she's cleaning every 6pm,(using broom) I said don't clean at night you might hurt spirit (mga hindi nakikita)and then she sprinkle salt around her house. She went to the doctor, but the medicine before her kid drink it, she already healed, the skin rash gone, without taking the medicine. So, huwag magwalis sa gabi, baka makatama ng mga maligno at iba pa.

October 06, 2015


We love champorado for breakfast, instead of bread, for healthy almusal with cacao,
rich in antioxidant, and vitamins that good for the body.

Glutinuous rice or malagkit 1cup
brown sugar
milk evap

Cook the rice add water when boiling,add sugar and cacao chocolate,stir until cook.