September 02, 2015

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, another of the water soluble vitamins is also known as ascorbic acid and plays an important role in healing process, bone, tisuue growth and blood cell formation.

It occurs naturally in berries, cabbage, citrus fruits, peppers and tomatoes.

The benefits of Vitamin C is the treatment and prevention of the common cold.

Vitamin C -hbeautytips8


Vitamin C fights cardiovascular disease and heart stroke.

strengthening of bones in the body

It helps digest fats in the body.

Have a healthy eyes.

It helps to prevent cancer

It helps to heal the wounds faster.

It fights the common cold and flu.

July 31, 2015

Nutrition month 2015

Nutrition month kids parade, the next generation to eat healthy fruits and veggies
for a happy,strong and healthy lifestyle.
wow! corn, fruits and veggies costume, so cute little ones.
we woke up 6am for the nutrition month parade.