Healing Angel

Archangel Raphael 
The Healing angel one that closes to God, partner of Angel Gabriel
the lightning color is white, color candle white.

Light white candle at least 5 mins in the morning, afternoon and at night.

ask your wishes. if you have pyramid cone candle, the most effective to receive
miracles, for 14 consecutive days, for healing.

Light white and blue candle for powerful prayer, Angel Raphael and partner angel Gabriel.

Angel Gabriel is the messenger of God. pray for knowledge, exam to pass, love, peace at home,in the world, unity. blue candle.

O beloved Archangel Raphael, the remedy of God for the welfare of men,
we ask you most humbly that you assist and heal all our ailments, especially the
ills of the souls.

Grant that by your intercession, we may obtain the grace that will make us
enjoy everlasting happiness in heaven. Amen.

Angel Gabriel

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