November 11, 2014

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

apple cider benefits
Apple Cider Vinegar-hbeautytips8

 Apple Cider Vinegar, helps to cure a lot of illnesses, such as cysts, myoma, cleanse
our body from toxins, avoid constipation, clear skin, get rid of  pimples, cure infections
anti inflammatory, can cure diabetes, headache, healthy heart, an organic fruit from apple, soaked for a long period of time
My Sister has a Cysts (bukol) in her eyes, it's getting bigger, and bigger. she can't hardly talk, so much pain in her head and eyes, the infections spreading in the body, She tried to drink the apple cider vinegar, because She's lying in bed, cannot talk, when she drinks it, the pain from the head to toe, miraculously and gradually gone in just a minute. Thank God, for giving us wisdom, my sister's officemate recommended it, they drink it whenever unfeeling well. I read that it can cure cysts, eye cysts, myoma in the uterus, good for clear skin, avoid constipation, have a healthy heart, avoid pimples. 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, with water, but my sister drinks it without water, she has also applied the cysts in her eyes, apple cider and garlic, that's good for infections. Garlic has natural anti-fungal compound, an antibiotic.


Mantis Hugo said...
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Mantis Hugo said...

Not all fruits are "super" as claimed by the marketers. But I have personally found Goji Berry Juice better than any other fruit juices to slow down the aging process. It glows my skin and rejuvenate every cell from its core. According to some research Goji berries should be taken about half cup everyday to see the changes within a month.



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