November 15, 2014

Mung Beans Health benefits

Mung beans benefits
Mung Beans Health Benefits
One of the favorites of my late grandmother (94) The Mung Beans good for the body, rich in Vitamins A B C D & E, good for eyesight, free from breast cancer, good for diabetics, lower cholesterol and lots of health benefits. I also saw in Korean Drama the Black beans they boil it, drink those who poisoned, can cleanse our body from toxins. We boil the mung beans, add sugar we eat it. another way is to boil the mung beans and saute' garlic, onions,tomatoes,and add mung beans, you can add also ampalaya or bitter gourd, the leaves of ampalaya, good for diabetics, it's not bitter taste when you added in mung beans (ginisang munggo).

Poison prevention

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Alyana said...

I love munggo ginisa with ampalaya.