February 28, 2014

How to cure Dengue Fever

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 Taua Taua  Herbal

The Gov't still searching if this really can heal illnesses, but in my experience, my friends, family, we use it for dengue, also to lower high fever even my nieces nephews, (2yrs old) drink this tea, it's really proven, it also increases platelet count.
Every time we have a fever, we drink Tawa-tawa herbal tea, good for high fever and effective to cure dengue. When kids in our family have a fever, they drink it, it heals fast illnesses in just one day.

My sister officemate was diagnosed dengue when he checks by their doctor, and told him to come back tomorrow, upon knowing it he tried to drink taua taua then in the morning check up, his platelet becomes normal, the fever was gone.
I just want to share my experiences and friends that drinks it.


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Ken said...

Effective nga yan sa lagnat tawa tawa, nakakagaling talaga dengue fever.