Unlucky Numbers

 Unlucky Numbers
Unlucky numbers -Hbeautytips8

Unlucky numbers in Chinese, Japanese superstitious beliefs, anywhere in the office, businesses, buildings, houses, and an elevator, you will notice that the number 13, deleted.
They believe that number 1+3=4, it means death.

Unlucky number 4 and 9, Four means death, and Nine, means painful suffering, sickness.

I watch the True Story Movie, in The US, the address is 112, and all people there died miserably, even the next residents, they got almost killed, but they prayed a lot, and left the house.

I saw also in TV News here, the residents, their houses got burned by fire, the address is 832.

Our former house we rented before, starts 92-A, since nine means pain of death, the family who resided there before us, died of cancer, so we moved to another place.

The lucky numbers for date of birth 17 and 12.

Do you Believe?

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