November 27, 2014

How to cure Urinary Tract Infection

 How to cure UTI
How to cure Urinary Tract Infection effectively and naturally, one of the best thing to drink is of course drink a lot of water, but Buko Juice (Coconut water) is one of the best to cleanse our organs in the body especially kidney, it has a lot of vitamins and mineral that can give, restore energy, rich in potassium, minerals, an antioxidants,avoid dehydration. I saw one of Jackie Chan movie, he used it for first aid as dextrose.
Coconut milk also has benefits to have a beautiful hair and avoid grey hair, you can apply it on hair before taking shower to have a shiny and beautiful hair.


Mantis Hugo said...

It is suggested to drink as much water as you can if you are suffering from UTI. Too much water is necessary for cleansing the kidney. Cranberry Concentrate Liquid is claimed to be number 1 juice for preventing and curing urinary tract infection.

gajismarts said...

Natural product always helpful to use for every all.
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