August 16, 2014

How to stop Diarrhea

how to stop diarrhea
How to Stop Diarrhea at once with A,B,C means
Avocado, Bayabas, Caimito

The effective way to stop diarrhea or low bowel movement (LBM) is to drink herbal tea, avocado, bayabas (guava leaves) and caimito leaves, boil and drink as a tea.

A Natural herbs and safe for kids, can stop at once, you can use avocado leaves if you can't find guava and caimito leaves.
We always used herbal tea as natural medicine an effective remedy to cure illnesses and safe even for kids, my nieces,nephews and 2 yrs old kids take this whenever diarrhea happens to my family.


Jayshree Bhagat said...

very effective method to cure diarrhea

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Regina said...

Thanks for thw tips