March 12, 2012

Healthy Eating

HOPE for Healthy eating, Fishes, Tuna, Salmon, seafoods rich in Omega 3

Rich in Omega 3

rich in Fiber

rich in Enzymes

Yogurt  Probiotics - Fight bacteria

Use HOPE everyday for Healthy body, stay strong and be happy.

H-igh in Fiber, prevent certain diseases, weight loss, lower high cholesterol, prevent constipation, staying slim. eat green vegetables.

O-mega 3, eat fishes, seafoods, for healthy heart, protection from heart attack and stroke,stimulate blood circulation.

P-robiotics, for good digestion, fights bacteria in the body, eat yogurt.

E-nzymes, the very important role for human needs, longevity, eat fresh fruits.


imman said...

Yummy..I love reading your blog specially when eating session is ready.

clark lost said...

Hi, Chochay!
Just seeing these pictures and I was already hungry!
Congratulations on posting!
Have a good thursday night!
Greetings from Brazil!

clark lost said...

Hi, Dear Friend!
How are you? Wow... Finally Saturday again!
So, have a great day!
A big hug from Brazil!

Jake Austria said...

Excellent work

cory josue said...

Hello! I'm just glad that I cam across your blog. I think that this is very informative and useful; especially to people who are having a hard time to get fit. I've been trying to loose weight in the last couple of months because of a wedding that I am going to attend in DEcember. I am not overweight per se but there are just some fats that won't go away! I hate it! I even considered going to a plastic surgeon just to have a liposuction. I went to Dr. Magallona of to have surgery but he advised me against it. Instead, he wants me to undergo psychological evaluation first because he says I'm not yet ready to have it. I'm thankful that I listened to him because deep in my heart, I know I'm not. I'm just being stubborn.

Mantis Hugo said...

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