February 27, 2012

How to cure all types of cancer


I just watch on tv, people using guyabano or soursop, for their diseases, such as cancer, breast cancer, they eat the fruits and boil the leaves as a tea, I myself proven healed by this wonder fruits, I put the leaves in my stomach to ease the pain, and it really helps. The soursop is rich in Vitamin B1, B2, and C, calcium, folate, potassium and sodium. can treat infections in the body, can cure cancer. lots vitamins and minerals, this fruit came from Asia, eat a lot of these.
Guyabano can cure all types cancer in the body, such myoma (bukol) in uterus, drink this tea at least three a a day.guyabano, myoma, guyabano can cure cancer, prostrate cancer.


jennysemon said...

Guyabano is really very beneficial for our health.It helps to prevent anemia,migraine,water retention etc.It also keeps our bones healthy.

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Absolutely Awesome Things (AAT) said...

Thanks for the info.It is also popular in East Africa

Xan said...

on a side note, I loooove chilled guyabano :)

delhiescorts said...

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donna juezan said...

Yes..Guyabano has all the vitamins, minerals and medicinal effect rolled in one fruit.

Michael said...

Cool tips! And guyabano smells nice. I think I'd rather eat that. LOL!

Visiting you back here.

Bung Putra said...

I like it

Mantis Hugo said...

Guyabano is very useful in treating cancer. Lots of villagers have experimented and found its benefits. Its time to do a research on it at higher scale.

Mantis Hugo
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