November 13, 2016

Cinnamon herbs and spices

Cinnamon as a spice has a lot of health benefits, including it prevent heart disease,lower blood sugar, aside from cooking, i also add this to my daily prayers to grant wishes, wealth, good health, money, jobs, get rid unwanted spirits at home, happy and harmonious life, love,
I bought bark cinnamon and powder in supermarket, in a herbs  spices section, burn in the altar, i just sprinkle the powder in a yellow or green candle, when praying you can write your wishes in a paper put under the candle.
Ask for healing, when someone is sick, i add rosemary, basil, allspice, thyme burn in a charcoal. i use a can to keep it safe from fire.

Cinnamon attracts money mix with sugar, get rid unwanted spirits and poverty


BJC Health said...

13 Proven Health Benefits of Cinnamon

1. High Source of Antioxidants
2. Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties
3. Protects Heart Health
4. Fights Diabetes
5. Helps Defend Against Cognitive Decline & Protects Brain Function
6. May Help Lower Cancer Risk
7. Fights Infections & Viruses
8. Protects Dental Health & Freshens Breath Naturally
9. Can Help Prevent or Cure Candida
10. Benefits Skin Health
11. Helps Fight Allergies
12. Can be Used to Sweeten Recipes without Added Sugar
13. Can Be Used as a Natural Food Preservative


Anonymous said...

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mahmudul hossain said...

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